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  • Top Five Breakfast Essentials

    We would have to disagree with the great Oscar Wilde when he wrote that “only dull people are brilliant at breakfast”. By now you’ll know that here at OKA we adore a dinner party, but were you aware that we love a breakfast one too?

    Rumour has it that the average British person sits down to breakfast at 7.31am in the week and 8.28am at the weekend. Whilst there might not be lots of world-changing conversations at such an early hour, you are guaranteed lots of other delicious things: coffee, eggs, and potentially prosecco and pyjamas. Here we take you through our top five breakfast essentials that are perfect for entertaining and solo eating alike, to ensure you start your day sunny side up.


    1. A Big Dining Table

    A large surface is essential for breakfast. How else are you going to spread out all the croissants and papers on a relaxed Sunday, or fit all your friends around for a morning celebration? Our Tjikko Dining Table is a wonderful choice; it has both size and an interesting aesthetic that brings a bright feel to even the darkest of mornings. Made out of recycled pine wood, it features a pale grey finish and statement scrolled legs. Perhaps most practically for meal times, it has also been sealed with a clear matte varnish that makes it wipe clean.


    Tjikko Dining Table


    2. Colourful Crockery

    Even night owls can’t help but be enlivened by a pop of colour in the morning. From mugs to serving dishes, breakfast is the time to go wild with bright hues and bold prints. Our Pasha China Range is testament to what can be done with a playful pattern; each piece is decorated by hand and features designs in a kaleidoscope of colours. Taking you from breakfast to beyond, the plates also look lovely displayed artfully on the wall. Our Florya Espresso Mugs are always a favourite too—you could even use them as a bohemian take on an egg cup.


    Pasha China Range


    3. A Breakfast Tray

    With a whole host of pretty and practical uses, it’s no wonder that the humble breakfast tray has made a comeback. Whether you’re the thoughtful deliverer of breakfast in bed, the lucky recipient, or simply want a vessel for your teapot, a good serving tray covers all bases. Our Faux Shagreen Oval Plateau Tray brings a luxurious touch to your morning routine, featuring antiqued silver bamboo-style handles and an eye-catching starburst design.




    4. Bright Flowers

    Flowers are the ultimate finishing touch to every room; there’s just something so cheering about coming downstairs in the morning to a bright bouquet. Artificial flowers are the perfect choice for keeping your space feeling fresh and spring-like, even in the coldest of months. We have a wonderful selection of realistic looking blooms; a bouquet is a great addition if you are having guests round for breakfast.


    Bright Flowers


    5. Good Company

    We’ve already mentioned that we’re fans of a breakfast party. Enjoying food with friends shouldn’t have to be reserved for the evening! But if you enjoy some quiet time in the mornings, we have plenty of (not so furry) friends who can keep you company without saying a word. The Lonely Pig is perfect for keeping the door open while you ferry food to-and-from the kitchen, this Cow Butter Dish is both friendly and functional, and our Golden Hedgehog is delightful enough just to sit and watch.

    Why stop at breakfast? Read our practical guide on how to have a dinner party to remember.