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  • Whiter Than White

    The colour white is tricky to decipher. On one hand, it’s often the default colour choice when painting a room, creating a blank canvas on which you can add colour, yet some consider white a bit ‘safe’ and uninspiring. But on the other hand, using white in your home - especially for upholstery - is thought of as brave, as keeping it looking ‘whiter than white’ is seen as a real challenge (even more so if your home includes children with colouring pens and pets with muddy paws). We’re big fans of white across all aspects of your interiors as it allows for total versatility and different shades of white (yes, there are many believe it or not) can achieve completely different looks.


    White Sofa

    This is often the big question when it comes to white upholstery: could you cope with a white sofa? There is no denying that they look beautiful, especially when mixed with black accents for a chic, monochrome look, but more often than not, they’re considered impractical. If you do opt for one, don’t be afraid to sit on it (it is a sofa after all), just keep a few throws nearby to cover the sofa from time to time.


    White Vase


    A white vase in the centre of a dining table or on a windowsill is a simple but effective decorative accessory. Colourful flowers make more of an impact when placed in a white vase or jug, but equally an all-white arrangement (vase and flowers) can be quite stunning.



    The great thing about white furniture is that you can find a shade of white to suit any scheme. Some whites – such as those with gloss finishes - look quite stark so these would fit best in a contemporary setting, whereas a softer and warmer look can be achieved using wooden pieces that have been painted white and given a distressed finish.



    The introduction of a large, white statement piece, such as a chest of drawers or wardrobe, is an excellent excuse to inject some colour into your decor. White pieces on a white wall can sometimes disappear but when placed against a coloured or patterned background, white looks all the more impressive.



    When it comes to setting a smart dining table, a white tablecloth and crisp white napkins are essential. As much as we adore a colourful table setting (especially during summer), there’s something very elegant about the combination of polished cutlery, white china and clean, white table linen.


    White China


    We feel that no kitchen is complete without a set of white crockery, either for everyday use or special occasions. Our Sorano china range fits both dining situations; the distressed finish gives it an informal look that wouldn’t be out of place on a farmhouse kitchen table, yet when styled in a more formal setting, the scalloped edges provide a sophisticated touch.