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  • Your New Year’s Eve Party… At Home

    There are many reasons to love New Year’s Eve; new beginnings, resolutions, hope for what the year ahead will hold, fireworks and one big party, to name but a few. There are also plenty of reasons not to, usually all relating to said party. If you usually venture out on the 31st of December you can expect to find many things: long lines, over-priced drinks and venues so crowded you couldn’t squeeze in even one more canapé. This is not how you have to spend your night this year. In fact, perhaps last year’s resolution was decided shortly after midnight, in a queue so long you couldn’t clearly see the face of the bartender (or was that the Champagne?) in which you decided never to join the masses on New Year’s Eve again. Well, thankfully we have created a whole guide here on throwing the most wonderful, decadent and truly enjoyable party around this December. And the best part? You don’t have to leave the house.

    Accessorise Your Space

    linnaeus squares cushion cover


    Soft furnishings complete any space. Where better to start than with throws and cushions? Not only will these look elegant and inviting, draped over chair backs and placed around the living room, they make the room ever so photogenic for all of the photos you’ll be taking. Go for subdued colours in thick fabrics for sumptuous sophistication or vivid tones in intricate patterns for Instagram-appeal.


    Creating A Home Bar

    Lenox Drinks Trolley


    A drinks trolley is ideal for any home party as it can be moved from room to room, without fuss, whilst the party is in motion. This one is particularly fabulous, as its modern, clear design can sit in virtually any setting. There’s no use creating the perfect home bar if you don’t have any drinking glasses and it’s not about having just any old glass, you need the right glass for the right drink. If not, you might not be enjoying the full flavour that the drink is renowned for. To find out what type of drinking glasses you need, take a look at The Ultimate Guide To Drinking Glasses. These are some basics that are essential for every bar: tumblers, cocktail glasses, white wine glasses, red wine glasses and champagne flutes.


    Set The Atmosphere

    Saddle Leather Strap Hurricane Lamp


    Keep canapés low-key (and low-down) with our extensive array of stylish coffee tables which look incredible, especially when set with our colourful range of china. This vibrant tableware is decorated by hand and features bold, textured patterns to ensure your table requires little extra adornment. Finally, for a real festival feel, bring some life and light to the space with hurricane lamps. We have plenty of designs to choose from, so whether you want to stand them on tables or hang them from trees – the choice is yours. Pair them with LED candles, which are a fantastic way of maximising atmosphere and minimising worry, especially since ours look just like the real thing.