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Better Together

“The greater the contrast, the greater the potential,” wrote Carl Jung—a statement that is as true for great design as it is in life. Sometimes the tension between opposites makes for a classic pairing: sweet and salty, dots and stripes, black and white… With this in mind, we set about finding a space flooded with natural light to show off the darker side of our Spring Collection—a striking mix of inky upholstery, sleek black furniture and sharp silhouettes. Dark and light—not exactly a groundbreaking combination, but, just as night follows day, a timeless one.

Sitting Room

Better Together - Sitting Room

Monochrome looks often have contemporary undertones, but this sitting room is a little different. Instead of a clean-lined sectional suite, we featured our Coleridge set in Navy. Inspired by timeless English designs, the matching pieces lend a sense of simplicity and infuse the space with a combination of classic and modern style.

Dining Room

Better Together - Dining Room

The natural linen Beardon Chairs and ebonized oak Alfred Extendable Dining Table have teamed up in sweet harmony. And the contrasting elements don’t stop there... a bunch of flower prints and apothecary jars pop against the ceramic pieces and bright white walls.