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Interior Influencers

We invited interior influencers to design a room using pieces from our striking collection of furniture and accessories.

2LG Studio

Interior Influencers - 2LG Studio

Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, also known as 2LG Studio, are a creative duo whose signature style is that of simplicity and elegance (along with a dash of colour). We invited them to create a room, where they used pieces from our striking collection of furniture and accessories. Their design is reminiscent of a Hamptons beach house, the scheme showcases a statement wall with a pink stripe in ‘Nicaragua’ Edward Bulmer Natural Paint, as well as elements of teal and indigo scattered throughout the design. The finished look creates a sense of symmetry, infused with a touch of traditional glamour. The sitting room is quirky, decadent and brimming with textures, from velvet armchairs to a hand-knotted rug and everything in between.

Martyn White Designs

Interior Influencers - Martyn White Designs

Martyn White, of London-based design blog Martyn White Designs, created a warm and luxurious sitting room, merging modern and traditional features to achieve a unique look that could easily fit into many locations. He wanted to create an interior that sits between a formal and an informal living space, with the modern-day entrepreneur in mind. The rich brown leather chairs are synonymous with classic English style and the mirrored furniture reflects all the different patterns and textures featured in the space. Colour was used sparingly, as Martyn wanted to keep the scheme elegant and refined, but the plum cushions and gold accessories really bring a touch of opulence to the room.
Read more about our collaboration with Martyn.

Salvesen Graham

Interior Influencers - Salvesen Graham

Admiring their unique style and great eye for colour, we asked Salvesen Graham for their perfect festive table. The rich pink and green colour palette was designed to complement candlelight and low lighting, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere on a winter’s night. The balance and symmetry of the room were achieved through the lights, mirrors and console tables with the fireplace at the centre. Finally, simple and quirky touches, such as ribbons around candlesticks and natural elements like the pine cones and dried oranges, were scattered around in order to add interest and a fun twist to the classic design.

The Pink House

Interior Influencers - The Pink House

Emily Murray, Founder and Editor of The Pink House, transformed this stunning dining space. She chose a magnificent wooden table and matching benches, perfect for seating larger groups, and included a neat little bar cart, topped with drinks, ice buckets and fabulous cocktail glasses.Emily added a few signature pops of pink to the room, along with gold accents and botanical-themed accessories. These worked brilliantly in the space to echo the designs that are featured in her beautiful home and award-winning blog. We sat down with Emily to discuss the inspiration behind her look.