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Castilian Character

If you have wound your way through the maze-like cobbled streets of the ancient Spanish city of Toledo, to the top of the tallest hill, you might have unknowingly passed this apartment. Sprawling across the top floor of a medieval building, it is an oasis that offers breezy respite from the Mediterranean heat. When decorating the space, it was important to embrace the grand architecture of the property. Cool stone floors, high ceilings and large windows create an airy feel that lends itself perfectly to the climate, and the ornate carved doors are striking features all by themselves. The apartment is testament to the fact that classic and modern design can live in perfect harmony, as the overall look is one of cohesion with clever use of color.

Sitting Room

Castilian Character - Sitting Room

Seeing as Toledo is a place rich in history and culture, it made sense to decorate the sitting room with ornaments and lamps that resemble treasured relics. Gold accessories also feature, to bring opulence to the space, along with a statement mirror and textiles in warm hues.

Dining Room

Castilian Character - Dining Room

Relaxing, socializing and entertaining unite in this open-plan living space; the traditional patterned rug separates the dining area from the rest of the room. A fleet of blood orange velvet Stafford Chairs beautifully match the bold terracotta walls and the dining table is the same shade as the dark wood molding which frames the doors and windows in the look.

Castilian Character - Dining Room


Castilian Character - Study

This warm and sophisticated room proves that studies come in all shapes and sizes. The blue coral prints really pop against the rosy walls while the mirrored writing desk and zebra-print stationery introduce a luxurious element.

Castilian Character - Study