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Dining Rooms

Countless breakfasts, brunches and Sunday roasts are spent around the dining table, therefore it’s crucial to choose dining room decoration that suits your space and lifestyle. As you’ll see from the dining room design ideas below, the possibilities are endless. We’ve got plenty of interior design ideas for a dining room, whether you’re looking to create a modern dining space or pine for a rustic living area, complete with distressed oak furniture and comfortable, hand-woven seat cushions.

Take To The Hills

Dining Rooms - Take To The Hills

The shaded outdoor dining area really is the center of the home. The tree trunk table makes such an impact, whether you use it inside or out. This area was entirely designed for comfortable entertaining, from the built-in seating covered with pillows to the woven chairs. It is an informal and relaxed space but one that encourages a good time.

Isle Be Here

Dining Rooms - Isle Be Here

In this dining room, Sue displayed a menagerie of pots and jars in different shapes and sizes, to play on the Ancient Greeks’ love of pottery. She brought in a dash of red in the napkins to add a little contrast, and, of course, a beautiful faux olive tree – as every Greek home deserves.

Woven in Nature

Dining Rooms - Woven in Nature

In her dining room, Annabel used plenty of rattan, rustic woods and soft-toned upholstery to create a relaxed aesthetic. This light color scheme allowed her to incorporate plenty of vibrant patterns and tones when it came to the accessories. To echo the picturesque location, she furnished her dining room with abstract, nature-inspired prints and lots of green accents; the olive, emerald and mint shades really draw the eye.

Castilian Character

Dining Rooms - Castilian Character

Relaxing, socializing and entertaining unite in this open-plan living space; the traditional patterned rug separates the dining area from the rest of the room. A fleet of blood orange velvet Stafford Chairs beautifully match the bold terracotta walls and the dining table is the same shade as the dark wood molding which frames the doors and windows in the look.

Dining Rooms - Castilian Character

Fairytale of New York

Dining Rooms - Fairytale of New York

The ambient dining room is brimming with decorations; it wasn’t easy finding a Christmas tree as magnificent as the one by the Rockefeller Center, but we came close with this shimmering show-stopper. The matching Stafford Chairs bring uniformity to this look and pair exquisitely with the dark wooden dining table and colorful displays of butterflies, maple leaves and amaryllis flowers.

By Georg(ian)

Dining Rooms - By Georg(ian)

The city of Bath is prized for its unique mix of architectural styles. Sue wanted to reflect this in her dining room, so she drew inspiration from numerous design movements to create a bold, cohesive look. The marble chequered floor nods to Neoclassical interiors whilst furniture based on Chinese calligraphy adds a layer of interest. A yellow accent wall and Roman feature arches lighten the room, making it appear more spacious.

Join The Kew

Dining Rooms - Join The Kew

The neutral palette of this grand dining room makes it an ideal backdrop for accessories in a myriad of colors. It was dressed for Christmas using faux foliage, glass tortoiseshell décor and lots of LED candles. Animal decorations were placed at each setting as a fun nod to the nature theme.

Dining Rooms - Join The Kew

The House Of Lancaster

Dining Rooms - The House Of Lancaster

Nancy believed that oversized scale was more effective than undersized, so Annabel went bold with her dining room, furnishing it with a magnificent wooden table and expressive framed collages. She then incorporated colour by adding ceramics and a fleet of Stafford Dining Chairs in varying shades of green and blue.

Dining Rooms - The House Of Lancaster