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Fairytale of New York

New York City is one of the most magical places to spend the festive season. When we created this Greenwich Village apartment, we made sure that the enchanting Christmas scene was set inside, as well as out. We incorporated warm purples, rich golds and a multitude of textures, such as leather, velvet and faux fur. The materials contrast beautifully with the dark hardwood floors and metal windows.

Sitting Room

Fairytale of New York - Sitting Room

The unconventional color scheme and unique furniture are perfectly in keeping with the bohemian neighborhood surrounding the apartment. A trio of gold lamps give the sitting room an opulent air and really pop against the deep eggplant walls. Together with the patterned rug and comfortable leather sofa, they transform the space into the ultimate winter retreat.

Christmas Dining Room

Fairytale of New York - Christmas Dining Room

The ambient dining room is brimming with decorations; it wasn’t easy finding a Christmas tree as magnificent as the one by the Rockefeller Center, but we came close with this shimmering show-stopper. The matching Stafford Chairs bring uniformity to this look and pair exquisitely with the dark wooden dining table and colorful displays of butterflies, maple leaves and amaryllis flowers.