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In The Eaves

Lucinda wanted to create an apartment that was a real home, a place you could come back to after a long day and feel at peace. She loved using strong colours and mixing patterns, bringing in character. Step into this beautiful attic, which is so close, yet so far from the buzz of Portobello Road Market.

Dining Room

In The Eaves - Dining Room

A round table was purposefully chosen for this compact dining room, as it invites discussions and makes sure that no one feels left out. A majestic cabinet was picked to accommodate the client’s vast collection of china, along with a few new OKA designs. Last but not least, it wouldn’t be a home designed by Lucinda, without a beautiful bunch of faux flowers tying the look together.


In The Eaves - Bedroom

Lucinda’s bedroom is fresh, uplifting and manages to pull off a brilliant green and red colour scheme, without looking at all festive. Beautiful pieces designed to resemble genuine antiques populate this traditionally decorated room, but they have a timeless air about them, so will go with any accessories purchased in the boutiques dispersed around Notting Hill.