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Loft and Found

Gently weaving its way from West to East London, Regent’s Canal remains one of the city’s many hidden gems. While once its banks were used for industry and its channels for transport, today you’ll find charming cafés, tranquil towpaths and, perhaps, if you wander far enough, this spacious loft that is situated at the top of an old Victorian foundry. The history of the property dictates some of its most striking features: the exposed brickwork, simple white-tiled walls and painted wooden flooring.

Sitting Room

Loft and Found - Sitting Room

A pared-back color palette of browns and neutrals complements the architecture of the property and creates a sense of calm. Pops of rich charcoal, citrine and mustard, on luxurious materials, add depth and tie the room together. The loft is big and open plan, so it was key to introduce plenty of accessories to ensure that the space felt welcoming. Nature-inspired items, like faux coral, and natural textures, such as wood and rattan, provide the perfect antidote to the industrial aesthetic.


Loft and Found - Bedroom

To designate an area for the bedroom, huge swathes of fabric were hung over the rafters. The curtains separate the space in a dramatic way, but, as they are almost sheer, have no impact on the vast quantity of natural light that the loft benefits from. With such high ceilings, a four-poster bed was a must, and a large rug was introduced to bring an essential warming layer to the wooden floor.

Loft and Found - Bedroom