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Second Nature

OKA co-founder Lucinda Waterhouse combined organic textures and a bold color palette to create a warm and welcoming home. Having always been a fan of rattan, she wanted to design a look where it takes center stage, so she created wall panels from stained rattan and bamboo. This focal feature dictates the soft, earthy color scheme used throughout the space.

Sitting Room

Second Nature - Sitting Room

Lucinda's sitting room is a collage of design styles – a classic English sofa and deep-buttoned ottoman mingle with décor that hints at Asian art. The geometric, gold-framed furniture sharpens the look and brings balance, along with the pair of lamps and set of mirrored wall art panels, resulting in a space that feels calm and relaxed.

Dining Room

Second Nature - Dining Room

Lucinda included a combination of delicate and bold motifs in her dining area, as too many patterns of the same size can overpower a room. It's not just the table that's decorated; the entire look is filled with interesting objects that could hail from a French antique market or Chinese auction house. In terms of colors, the dining room deviates from the rest of the home, serving up soft shades of ochre and red.


Second Nature - Study

The green and natural tones echoed throughout the look extend to this compact workspace. The classic oak desk has compartments to store stationery and shelves for displaying lighting and accessories. Framed pictures and home offices go hand-in-hand, but this area proves that there's no reason not to scale them up. Larger artworks create greater impact and a view in the absence of a window.

Second Nature - Study