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Set In Stone

If you have ever visited Venice, it’s the spectacular Gothic architecture, the intricate stonework and floor-to-ceiling windows of the grand palazzi that draw you in. Breathtakingly beautiful, but perhaps too over the top for the typical home. Here, co-founder and creative director Sue Jones has gathered inspiration from the city’s piani nobili to create a pared-back look that still makes a statement – one that is designed for the everyday. Sue has taken Venetian grandeur and made it livable. Color is important but is used in a very restrained way. Just a splash here and there is all it takes to offset the neutral palette. Certain subtleties can also be acknowledged: tall lamps that echo gondola poles and pillow covers that nod to the marble from the famed I Gesuiti church. It’s a new take on minimalism; it’s focused and uncluttered but warm and comfortable.

Sitting Room

Set In Stone - Sitting Room

Sue showcased different woods in the sitting room, such as recycled pine, elm, oak and beech, to introduce texture without impacting the palette chosen especially for the look. Not everything had to match – it was more important to get the color and texture right, hence the artfully mismatched side tables. Multiple accessories decorate the space, but they aren’t all grouped, allowing your eye to spend time on each one.

Dining Room

Set In Stone - Dining Room

This bold and gold dining area is generous in size but still manages to feel intimate. The floors and stone-effect walls are very simple – the drama comes from the height of the room. The gilded accents, along with studded detailing on the upholstery of the chairs, helps to create a smart aesthetic.


Set In Stone - Bedroom

For the bedroom, Sue went for a monochrome palette peppered with red. She wanted to stick to her color scheme, so featured a few solid and antiqued glass pieces rather than bringing in different tones. Everything in the room was chosen to take advantage of the space. There are several areas for relaxation and surfaces for resting books, glassware and other items.

Set In Stone - Bedroom

Set In Stone - Bedroom