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Take To The Hills

When Co-Founder Sue Jones designed a house in the Portuguese hills, she wanted it to incorporate color, pattern, geometry and nature. A place where the inside blended with the outside and the outside with the inside.

Sitting Room

Take To The Hills - Sitting Room

It was important to keep the sitting room cool in a warm climate, so Sue stuck to a mainly neutral palette but included a few darker tones, which come through in the pillows, lampshades and tables. The spectacular tree, the centerpiece of the room, introduces drama and a natural element.

Dining Room

Take To The Hills - Dining Room

The shaded outdoor dining area really is the center of the home. The tree trunk table makes such an impact, whether you use it inside or out. This area was entirely designed for comfortable entertaining, from the built-in seating covered with pillows to the woven chairs. It is an informal and relaxed space but one that encourages a good time.