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The Angel of Islington

Co-founder Lucinda Waterhouse designed a cozy apartment in the heart of London’s borough of Islington, which makes use of color and pattern. With pared-back neutral tones grounding the home, it’s the bold textiles and accessories that bring things into vivid color and steal the show.


The Angel of Islington - Balcony

Faux olive trees, vibrant accessories and minimal garden furniture bring Mediterranean flair to this compact balcony. It would be easy to forget that you were in the heart of London if it weren't for the quaint Victorian townhouses and gentle breeze in the air.

The Angel of Islington - Balcony


The Angel of Islington - Bedroom

The bedroom is a reasonable size but it has low ceilings, so Lucinda added a tall headboard to give the illusion of height, as well as multiple mirrors. She kept the colour palette neutral but added sparks of fun with a leopard print throw and faux tortoiseshell mirrors.

Sitting Room

The Angel of Islington - Sitting Room

The sitting room was a real opportunity to add color. Lucinda used bold red, charcoal and gold accessories on the neutral palette, including a bright rug, ottoman, armchairs and lamps. Rather than furnishing her small sitting room with small furniture, she used a large corner sofa to maximize space and create an entertaining area.