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The Loched Hut

If you asked Lucinda Waterhouse what kind of space she has always dreamed of designing, her answer would be instant: a rural hut. So, when she came across this neglected property on the edge of a loch, she couldn’t resist the opportunity. It was completely overgrown, there was grass growing inside and the windows were broken. She couldn’t help but think that it could be completely transformed with a little bit of care. It was a very small space but it could be such a sanctuary. The perfect hideout for a weekend away.

Sitting Room

The Loched Hut - Sitting Room

This colorful yet restful room enjoys breathtaking views of the loch and the incredible mountains that frame it. Blue accents, along with natural wooden furniture, are a nod to the tranquil setting; the blue and red color palette also makes the space look more cohesive and sophisticated. Storage was a problem in the hut, so Lucinda introduced side tables with drawers and a large ottoman that doubles as a coffee table.


The Loched Hut - Bedroom

Lucinda’s quirky bedroom sleeps three, in three twin beds; each one can be enclosed behind a curtain and has its own side table and lamp. The large windows let in plenty of light and make the room an ideal place to watch the birds on the loch. The recurring blue and red tones also feature, but they’ve been dialed down slightly, to make the space as peaceful and relaxing as possible.