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Have Trends Had Their Day?

have trends had their day?

One of the highlights from this year’s 100% Design Show >

A Spot of Tea

a spot of tea

If our great British nation could be summed up with one question, it would be this: “cup of tea?” >

The Velvet Touch

the velvet touch

Who can resist it? Discover the history of velvet and how to bring it home. >

Q&A with Martyn White Designs

q&a with martyn white designs

Martyn White discusses the inspiration behind the sitting room he designed for OKA. >

The Extendables

the extendables

Petite city apartment? Sprawling castle? Maximise any space with our extendable dining tables.  >

A Dinner Party to Remember

a dinner party to remember

We go into detail about planning, sitting and setting. >

Treat Yourself To Tart

treat yourself to tart

A simple yet impressive recipe that’s perfect for entertaining.  >

Some of Our Favourite Coffee Table Books

some of our favourite coffee table books

Perk up your coffee table with these interesting reads. >

William Sitwell’s London Supper Club at OKA Chelsea

william sitwell’s london supper club at OKA chelsea

Sitwell’s Supper Club makes it’s London debut in our Chelsea flagship store.  >

Find Your Ideal Dining Table Shape

find your ideal dining table shape

Rectangular, round, square, oval or extendable – which dining table shape is best suited to your space? >

Q&A With 2LG Studio

q&a with 2lg studio

The Interior Design Duo discuss the sitting room they created for us, their passion for colour and more. >

How to Clean Mirrored Furniture

how to clean mirrored furniture

Mirror, mirror… who’s the cleanest of them all? >

Banish The Holiday Blues

banish the holiday blues

Holly Thomas gives us five interior ideas to banish the holiday blues. >

Choose The Best Colours For Your Home

choose the best colours for your home

Create a home that flows whilst also maintaining the integrity and individuality of each room. >

Q&A With John Frieda

q&a with john frieda

The hairdresser behind the eponymous brand discusses his career, lifestyle and favourite OKA pieces. >

Lighten Up

lighten up

Create rooms that feel light, bright and breezy. >

Modern Heirlooms

modern heirlooms

These pieces are perfect if you want to add a dash of tradition and a whole menagerie of character. >

Find The Right Size Lamp For Your Bedside Table

find the right size lamp for your bedside table

Everything you need   to find the perfect bedside lamp. >

Give It Up For Autumn

give it up for autumn

William Sitwell, MasterChef critic and Editor of Waitrose Food, declares that September is the new January. >

Take The Plunge

take the plunge

A blog on baths for you to soak up >