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  • Black Is Back

    Nothing epitomises elegance quite like a little black dress. So, what about decorating your home in black?  Put aside images of dark dungeons - a black element can revolutionise your room.



    “Black is a classic colour that will never date,” advises Annabel Astor.  “When used as a neutral, black can completely change the tone of your room, adding a refined sophistication.”



    Previously restricted to bathrooms and kitchens, black is slowly making an appearance in other rooms of the house. Used carefully and sparingly, it can be a vibrant colour, full of life and light. Think monochrome: balance black with white, cream, gold or natural tones for understated glamour. Finally, incorporate lots of mirrors and lighting to add drama and lift your interiors out of the darkness.




    … add a luxurious twist by mixing gold accents in amongst the black and neutrals.  

    … contrast any black elements with neutrals or bright colours (unless you like the gothic glamour look, of course).

    … introduce pops of bright colour or polished metal to break up the black monotone.

    … create a gallery wall of mirrors if decorating with black to harness any available natural light.

    … use black furniture and accessories against a neutral backdrop for a contemporary feel.




    … go for a total blackout – the combination of black walls, a black floor and black furniture can create an austere room.

    … ever, ever, ever choose black bed sheets.

    … be afraid of the dark; even just one piece in black can have a big impact.


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