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Take a trip with us to Bohemia; our re-imagining of a 21st century home for a true haute boheme. Colourful, eclectic, unorthodox and above all inspiring. A fitting backdrop for collections of pottery, art and ephemera, all of which hint at a life well lived and a home well loved.

Living Room

With gloomy skies an all-too-familiar backdrop to English life, a home filled with colour can be a valuable antidote. Don’t be afraid of bright colour: stick to tones from the same spectrum and use a consistent colour throughout for skirtings, windows and architraves to keep things unified. A small side room can be turned into a warm and welcoming snug. Overfill it with colourful, tactile faux mohair throws and then go crazy with velvet cushions to create a space that defies you not to sprawl in it!

Dining Room

A simple yet intimate dining room is created through the use of a curvaceous modern dining table and French-style dining chairs. The accessories really bring the room to life: ornate baubled stemmed wine glasses, serving plates decorated with richly coloured Moroccan designs, a 24-piece bamboo cutlery set and a ceramic urn all make for a distinguished display.


Black is not an obvious choice for bedrooms, but it can be used extremely effectively to create a sophisticated and warm space. Here we’ve chosen an Ikat fabric with a black base in which to cover the headboard and repeated this pattern in matching lampshades and cushion covers. The black colour theme is further reflected in the choice of oriental-inspired, black lacquered furniture.

Small Bedroom

A multi-tasking second bedroom may be a challenge to decorate but the rewards are a hard-working room which functions beautifully as both a spare room and a study. Push the bed to the wall, drape it with a large throw and load it with cushions to create a comfortable sofa (a trunk placed beside it with a lamp on top will further create the illusion). Place the desk under a large mirror or a feature picture and ensure it is well lit and you should succeed in creating a perfectly balanced room.