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By Georg(ian)

When Sue was decorating this Georgian home in Bath, she wanted to take the history of the building into consideration but also add worldly twists. She wanted every room that you entered to feel like an experience - each different from the other, but loosely held together by a sense of travel and adventure.

Sitting Room

By Georg(ian) - Sitting Room

In this striking sitting room, Sue seamlessly blends historical period architecture with contemporary living. Modern furniture and a trompe l’oeil mirror contrast beautifully with the brickwork and flagstone flooring. Her key pieces are punctuated with an eclectic mix of accessories which take you all over the world. Roman busts, vibrant orchids and silk cushions adorned with Japanese patterns work together to convey the element of travel integral to her look.

Dining Room

By Georg(ian) - Dining Room

The city of Bath is prized for its unique mix of architectural styles. Sue wanted to reflect this in her dining room, so she drew inspiration from numerous design movements to create a bold, cohesive look. The marble chequered floor nods to Neoclassical interiors whilst furniture based on Chinese calligraphy adds a layer of interest. A yellow accent wall and Roman feature arches lighten the room, making it appear more spacious.


By Georg(ian) - Bedroom

One of the first things you notice about this Asian-style bedroom is its sense of balance: each side is a near-perfect mirror image of the other. The use of symmetry not only makes the look feel sophisticated, but also has a calming effect – exactly what you need in a bedroom. Sue made the most of her Georgian home’s high ceilings by including a magnificent four-poster fit for an emperor.

By Georg(ian) - Bedroom