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Isle Be Here

Sue Jones created a sleek paradise on the Greek island of Santorini. This house is set in such beautiful surroundings, and Sue wanted the landscape to be a major feature within the home. She used huge windows so that you can see the view outside and also to make the most of the extensive natural light. The furniture is predominantly in neutral tones, but to add depth to the scheme she added shades of blue and turquoise, as well as a few other pops of colour.

Sitting Room

Isle Be Here - Sitting Room

Sue’s sitting room is as stunning as its view of the clear, blue Aegean Sea. The colours used in this look are evocative not only of Santorini’s azure waters and sandy beaches, but also its pretty Cycladic houses and blue-domed churches. Full of comfortable places to sit, this light and airy living area is exactly where you want to be after a day exploring the island’s labyrinth of narrow, sun-drenched streets.

Dining Room

Isle Be Here - Dining Room

In this dining room, Sue displayed a menagerie of pots in different shapes and sizes, to play on the Ancient Greeks’ love of pottery. She brought in a dash of red in the napkins, to add a little contrast and, of course, a beautiful faux olive tree – as every Greek home deserves.