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Master Bedrooms

Here are eight bedroom design ideas - including examples of modern schemes and formal affairs – to help you create a relaxing space and decide if you want to coordinate or mix and match bedroom furniture. After all, it’s important to get your bedroom décor spot on to ensure a pleasant slumber. Essential bedroom decoration includes luxuriously soft bedding and ambient lighting for a boudoir you can’t wait to retreat to after dark.

The Angel of Islington

Master Bedrooms - The Angel of Islington

The bedroom is a reasonable size but it has low ceilings, so Lucinda added a tall headboard to give the illusion of height, as well as multiple mirrors. She kept the colour palette neutral but added sparks of fun with a leopard print throw and faux tortoiseshell mirrors.

Après Dark

Master Bedrooms - Après Dark

The dark chalet bedroom is all about dramatic decadence. A simple headboard was covered in luxurious charcoal velvet, then flanked with black column lamps paired on grey faux shagreen sideboards to give the space a moody, masculine feel. Comfort has not been forgotten either; tactile pieces such as velvet cushions and woollen throws, provide much-needed warmth and softness.

Loft and Found

Master Bedrooms - Loft and Found

To designate an area for the bedroom, huge swathes of fabric were hung over the rafters. The curtains separate the space in a dramatic way, but, as they are almost sheer, have no impact on the vast quantity of natural light that the loft benefits from. With such high ceilings, a four-poster bed was a must, and a large rug was introduced to bring an essential warming layer to the wooden floor.

Master Bedrooms - Loft and Found

Woven in Nature

Master Bedrooms - Woven in Nature

Creating a cohesive look was especially important to Annabel. She wanted each room to be unique, but very much part of a whole concept, so she specifically included wood and rattan in several rooms. In the bedroom, the headboard, top of the chests of drawers and the back and sides of the chair are all rattan. The bedroom, in particular, had to feel very inviting, which Annabel achieved with warm oranges and browns, luxurious velvet cushions and dashes of gold. With matching chests and lamps, the room is near perfectly balanced too, which enhances the serene atmosphere.

Master Bedrooms - Woven in Nature

By Georg(ian)

Master Bedrooms - By Georg(ian)

One of the first things you notice about this Asian-style bedroom is its sense of balance: each side is a near-perfect mirror image of the other. The use of symmetry not only makes the look feel sophisticated, but also has a calming effect – exactly what you need in a bedroom. Sue made the most of her Georgian home’s high ceilings by including a magnificent four-poster fit for an emperor.

Master Bedrooms - By Georg(ian)

The House of Lancaster

Master Bedrooms - The House of Lancaster

Contemporary meets classic in this relaxing bedroom. The cabriole chair and powder blue walls pay tribute to the period setting whilst abstract wall art and a Berber rug imbue the space with unique appeal. Accessories are just as important to Annabel as they were to Nancy; here, she demonstrates how it only takes a scattering of them to transform the look and feel of a room.

Join The Kew

Master Bedrooms - Join The Kew

Every room in Lucinda’s home needed to have that all-important wild twist, and this tranquil oasis was no exception. Lucinda wanted her bedroom to reflect the natural world in as many different ways as possible. She achieved this by painting the walls an ocean blue and incorporating a seascape print, faux flowers and a luxurious leopard print throw.

On The Wild Side

Master Bedrooms - On The Wild Side

Lucinda wanted the bedroom to be peaceful and calming, so she furnished the room in soft shades of blue, purple and teal. To create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, she added extra storage, blankets and seating. Colourful bunches and a decorative mirror give the space a feminine edge.