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On the Wild Side

This central London home was the perfect project for OKA Founder, Lucinda Waterhouse, who has a rich horticultural background and passion for the natural world. The best part of the house is its secret courtyard garden, which fills the surrounding rooms with light and showcases a diverse selection of plants. Using this as a starting point, Lucinda featured pieces inspired by nature, to create a home that was a little wild. She chose furniture in soft, earthy tones, textiles bearing floral prints and pictures of birds and wildflowers.

Sitting Room

On the Wild Side - Sitting Room

The courtyard garden transforms into an extra room during spring and summer, where the owners can enjoy everything from sunbathing to stargazing, meaning this central London home actually has two living areas. For the main sitting room, Lucinda decorated with natural materials, such as rattan and wood, then added pops of white to open up the scheme and create a calming atmosphere. Accessories could be used in abundance, because of the natural colours chosen.

Dining Room

On the Wild Side - Dining Room

More of the courtyard appears in this verdant dining room: almost every square inch is adorned with plants and flowers, so even if it’s raining, Lucinda’s clients will still feel like they are sat outside in their garden. The colour white acts as a recurring motif, along with the rattan accessories and botanical prints. The oval-shaped dining table is just the right size for the space and its wooden finish is in keeping with the rest of the scheme.

Master Bedroom

On the Wild Side - Master Bedroom

Lucinda wanted the bedroom to be peaceful and calming, so she furnished the room in soft shades of blue, purple and teal. To create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, she added extra storage, blankets and seating. Colourful bunches and a decorative mirror give the space a feminine edge.