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Sitting Rooms

The sitting room is where we catch up over coffee, watch our favourite TV shows after work and host a cocktail party or two, so – seeing as we spend so much time in this room - it’s important to choose sitting room decoration that will stand the test of time. Here are a few sitting room ideas to get the ball rolling and assist you in selecting a comfortable sofa, statement coffee table and unique table lamps to create a space worth showing off.

Loft and Found

Sitting Rooms - Loft and Found

A pared-back colour palette of browns and neutrals complements the architecture of the property and creates a sense of calm. Pops of rich charcoal, citrine and mustard, on luxurious materials, add depth and tie the room together. The loft is big and open plan, so it was key to introduce plenty of accessories to ensure that the space felt welcoming. Nature-inspired items, like faux coral, and natural textures, such as wood and rattan, provide the perfect antidote to the industrial aesthetic.

Isle Be Here

Sitting Rooms - Isle Be Here

Sue’s sitting room is as stunning as its view of the clear, blue Aegean Sea. The colours used in this look are evocative not only of Santorini’s azure waters and sandy beaches, but also its pretty Cycladic houses and blue-domed churches. Full of comfortable places to sit, this light and airy living area is exactly where you want to be after a day exploring the island’s labyrinth of narrow, sun-drenched streets.

The Loched Hut

Sitting Rooms - The Loched Hut

This colourful yet restful room enjoys breath-taking views of the loch and the incredible mountains that frame it. Blue accents, along with natural wooden furniture, nod to this tranquil setting; the blue and red colour palette also makes the space look more sophisticated and together. Storage was a problem in the hut, so Lucinda introduced side tables with drawers and a large ottoman that doubles as a coffee table.

Castilian Character

Sitting Rooms - Castilian Character

Seeing as Toledo is a place rich in history and culture, it made sense to decorate the sitting room with ornaments and lamps that resemble treasured relics. Gold accessories also feature, to bring opulence to the space, along with a statement mirror and textiles in warm hues.

Après Dark

Sitting Rooms - Après Dark

Natural materials feature heavily throughout the chalet sitting room to reinforce the connection to the mountain landscape, but also show how simple pieces can still have an impact. Different tones and textures of wood help to create depth and interest, whether in the form of abstract art on the walls or a coffee table centrepiece. Flashes of green are used sparingly throughout this monochrome scheme, as a nod to the forest beyond.

Join The Kew

Sitting Rooms - Join The Kew

There’s lots to see in this ambiently lit sitting room, yet it still feels peaceful and relaxing. Pale-toned furniture and lamps harmonise with the softly coloured walls and carpet, allowing the scattering of accessories to pop. The faux olive trees and nature-inspired botanical prints pay tribute to the picturesque gardens right on the doorstep of this period home. To finish the look, Lucinda included several cushions she designed, which are adorned with prints inspired by Indian floral patterns.

By Georg(ian)

Sitting Rooms - By Georg(ian)

In this striking sitting room, Sue seamlessly blends historical period architecture with contemporary living. Modern furniture and a trompe l’oeil mirror contrast beautifully with the brickwork and flagstone flooring. Her key pieces are punctuated with an eclectic mix of accessories which take you all over the world. Roman busts, vibrant orchids and silk cushions adorned with Japanese patterns work together to convey the element of travel integral to her look.

Sitting Room

Sitting Rooms - Sitting Room

The courtyard garden transforms into an extra room during spring and summer, where the owners can enjoy everything from sunbathing to stargazing, meaning this central London home actually has two living areas. For the main sitting room, Lucinda decorated with natural materials, such as rattan and wood, then added pops of white to open up the scheme and create a calming atmosphere. Accessories could be used in abundance, because of the natural colours chosen.