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Woven in Nature

When designing a new orangery in her countryside home, Annabel Astor drew inspiration from all that nature has to offer. She wanted to achieve a tranquil look, but one that didn’t play by the rules. The result is a property bursting with colour and texture.

Dining Room

Woven in Nature - Dining Room

In her dining room, Annabel used plenty of rattan, rustic woods and soft-toned upholstery to create a relaxed aesthetic. This light colour scheme allowed her to incorporate plenty of vibrant patterns and tones when it came to the accessories. To echo the picturesque location, she furnished her dining room with abstract, nature-inspired prints and lots of green accents; the olive, emerald and mint shades really draw the eye.


Woven in Nature - Bedroom

Creating a cohesive look was especially important to Annabel. She wanted each room to be unique, but very much part of a whole concept, so she specifically included wood and rattan in several rooms. In the bedroom, the headboard, top of the chests of drawers and the back and sides of the chair are all rattan. The bedroom, in particular, had to feel very inviting, which Annabel achieved with warm oranges and browns, luxurious velvet cushions and dashes of gold. With matching chests and lamps, the room is near perfectly balanced too, which enhances the serene atmosphere.

Woven in Nature - Bedroom