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One Sofa Eight Ways

Cushions can totally transform not just your sofa, but your whole room. If you’re thinking of updating your colour scheme to herald a new year and new season, cushions are a great place to start. The key is to use a mix of designs and fabrics to make it interesting.
Plain coloured linen or velvet cushions will really make your arrangement stand out, whereas embroidered designs will add depth and detail.

Here are eight cushion combinations on one sofa - a quick and easy way to shake up your scheme for spring.

If you fancy having a go at arranging cushions yourself, why not play around with our handy online cushion arranging tool?

Chasing Rainbows

One Sofa Eight Ways - Chasing Rainbows

This rainbow of coloured cushions is the perfect way of introducing the joys of spring into your home. Clash bold pink velvet with citrus-toned linen and cheerful multi-coloured stripes, and fall head over heels with this fun, uplifting set.

Shape Up

One Sofa Eight Ways - Shape Up

Why stick to one shape when you can have several? A combination of patterned cushions adds interest to a room. Abstract designs are great for modern schemes.

Bells And Whistles

One Sofa Eight Ways - Bells And Whistles

An assortment of embellished cushions will add fun and texture wherever they are placed. This red and blue set manages to balance strong shades, striking patterns and contrasting textures.

Sugar And Spice

One Sofa Eight Ways - Sugar And Spice

Combine red and yellow with neutral cushions to add a dash of Middle Eastern charm to your scheme. Opting for cushion covers with tassels, fringing or pompoms will bring interest and texture to your arrangement.

Orange Is The New Black

One Sofa Eight Ways - Orange Is The New Black

If you’re still feeling a bit of the winter frost, this combination will add some much-needed warmth. Go for dark orange shades like terracotta and burnt orange, and pair with black or navy for a smart twist. Perfect for a sitting room or library.

Oranges and Lemons

One Sofa Eight Ways - Oranges and Lemons

This selection instantly makes you feel like the sun is shining, whether or not it actually is. If you already have blue cushions on your sofa, introduce a variety of yellow ones to bring that extra ‘zing’ to a space.

Blue Eyed Boys

One Sofa Eight Ways - Blue Eyed Boys

This combination of blues creates a relaxed, easy-going feel. Choose a variety of tones - from bright turquoise to cool air force blue - and use embroidered or patterned cushions to add another dimension to your look. Perfect for a room that looks out onto water.

Red Alert

One Sofa Eight Ways - Red Alert

This assortment of corals, reds and a touch of blue creates a warm and cosy environment. The intensity that red cushions bring to a space is beautifully balanced by the addition of a dusty blue cushion or two. A great way to heat up a neutral scheme.