Caring for garden furniture

Information and Care Guide

Storage and Use

- All-Weather “rattan” furniture may be kept outdoors all year round. However, doing so will alter the appearance in time as it will naturally age. If you wish to maintain the appearance it has when new for longer, we recommend that the furniture is stored inside a cool dry place such as a shed or outbuilding during poor weather and winter months. Alternatively, use a protective cover when the items are not in use.

- If your furniture is not All-Weather “rattan”, then we recommend that the furniture is stored inside a cool dry place during poor weather and winter months or a protective cover is used.

Expansion and Movement

- All-Weather “rattan” and timbers will display movement from season to season because of changes in atmospheric temperature and humidity.

- We do not recommend placing products in excessively high or low temperatures, or where the environment is often damp as this may cause undue wear and tear.


Levelling, Assembly and Moving Products

- Furniture must be positioned on a level surface to ensure that it does not tip or move. If the product is moved, levels should be rechecked. The use of wedges on feet can assist if the floor is not level.

- The table tops on All-Weather “rattan” items are not always flat or level. Coasters should always be used to keep glasses from tipping or falling over.

- Take care when moving products. We recommend that they are lifted by two people. Dragging items across the floor will cause damage.

- Large items which are assembled on site from multiple sections should be disassembled before relocation to a new position.

- Self-assembly items should be assembled at the intended location and lifted carefully into position.

- Assembled products from time to time require all fixings and joints to be tightened to prevent loosening which can create squeaks and movement.

Sunlight, heat and rain

- Direct sunlight will cause the colour of the product to change.

- Leaving items such as vases or ornaments in one place on a piece of furniture in sunlight may leave a mark when it is removed. Such marks should blend with time.

- The cushions supplied with the products are waterproof, however when not being used, we recommend they be moved to a cool, dry environment.

- Never place hot dishes and cups directly onto a surface. We recommend you use placemats and/or tablecloths and coasters.

- Prolonged use of hot equipment, such as a laptop, on top of furniture may also cause scorching.

-Avoid placing electrical or other equipment with dark rubber feet on furniture surfaces as they occasionally contain chemicals that can leave a permanent mark.


General Maintenance Instructions

To prolong the life of your furniture we advise the following:


- To maintain the appearance of your product we recommend regular dusting with a soft cloth. It may occasionally be wiped with a soft cloth that has been very lightly dampened with a mild bleach-free detergent solution. Dry with a lint-free cloth.

- Remove all spills immediately. Blot liquid spills with a clean, dry, white cloth and work towards the centre of the spill. Do not rub or use abrasive cleaners as this may damage the furniture.

- Pieces of food and debris can sometimes get caught down the side or underneath removable surfaces, such as glass tops on items like dining and coffee tables. Items like these must be de-assembled and all surfaces wiped with a soft cloth that has been very lightly dampened with a mild bleach-free detergent solution. Dry with a lint-free cloth.

Care - To Avoid Unnecessary Damage

- Never place hot dishes or mugs directly on to surfaces, always use tablemats or coasters.

- Protect delicate flooring from potential marking by feet or legs using felt pads or castor cups.

- Do not drop furniture onto corners or feet or lean backwards on two legs as this can weaken and damage frames, feet or legs.

- Prevent sharp objects such as toys, buckles and shoe heels from coming into contact with your furniture.

- Avoid exposure to water or excessive sun to prolong the life of the product.

- Avoid contact with chemicals such as hair and skin products, fake tans, insect repellents and other cosmetics, or household cleaning materials, other than those recommended as these may affect the finish.

- If your furniture becomes soiled, scratched, chipped or suffers other damage we recommend seeking advice from a professional service.

- If you have insurance you may wish to contact your provider for advice.

Following the guidelines above will ensure product performance is maintained. OKA is not responsible for defects caused by the misuse of your product.