The approach of a new season always elicits a desire for change, but none more so than spring, which is so often associated with new beginnings and growth. With lighter, warmer days and the natural world’s veritable revival, there’s a bounty of colour, texture and pattern to take cues from, particularly when it comes to our interiors. For those looking to channel the seasonal transitions indoors, Irene Gunter, Founder of design studio Gunter & Co, has plenty of ideas to inspire your new season switch up. Drawing on her wealth of experience creating homes in the UK and abroad, the interior designer and friend of OKA shares her spring decorating ideas for the home.

A kitchen with sage green cabinets and gold handles
Three images showing a sitting room by Gunter & Co, plus a selection of cushions and a lamp by OKA
Kitchen and Sitting Room © Gunter & Co

Call on Spring Colours

From verdant leaves and grass to the abundance of beautiful florals that burst into bloom as the weather gets warmer, nature’s palette really comes to life in springtime. This rainbow of hues provides the perfect fodder for interior design, says Irene, who sees this as the natural calling point when it comes to decorating for spring. “The vibrant colours that emerge during this time provide endless inspiration,” the expert says. “From soft pastels to bright and vibrant shades, spring colours add beauty and joy to our surroundings.” These hues aren’t just pleasing to the eye, but hold symbolic meanings that help to bring the season’s uplifting and positive connotations into the home. “The abundance of green during spring represents growth, renewal and harmony,” Irene explains. “Similarly, various shades of yellow and pink symbolise happiness and positivity, while the pastel colour palette commonly associated with spring offers a soft and gentle aesthetic.”

Look to Lightweight Fabrics

Just as certain colours evoke a springtime feel, so do fabrics and materials. As the days get slowly brighter and the weather warmer, it’s time to turn towards those tactile additions that emulate this breezier aesthetic. Simply put, step away from wools and velvets and instead seek lighter-weight alternatives. “Linen and cotton can be used to further enhance that bright and airy feel,” Irene explains. If you’re looking for spring decorating ideas for the living room, for example, you could swap velvet cushion covers for those made from linen, or seek a linen slipcover for your sofa for a fresh look. Materials such as rattan and wood are also great additions for bringing a natural feel to a home, the perfect theme when channelling the spring season. “Another option is to consider updating your bed linen,” Irene adds. “By choosing new sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers, you can instantly give your bedroom a lift without having to make drastic changes to the overall design.”

A spring tabletop with white scalloped plates, rattan placemats and crystal glassware
A conservatory featuring a white metal bistro set decorated with a vase of pink flowers

Make Small but Effective Switches

Don’t feel you need to transform your entire space to make it feel suitable for spring; small changes are the best way to ease the transition between seasons, as they feel most natural and authentically you. If you’re asking ‘how do I refresh my house for spring?’ then we encourage you to look for the easiest and most effective ways. “One simple way to transform the look and feel of your space is by making a few simple switches,” Irene agrees. “For instance, you can easily change your cushions to switch up the colours and patterns to match the season.” When it comes to spring motifs, nature should be your first calling point; verdant leaves, dainty florals and intricate feathers make for striking patterns that, in the right hues, feel perfectly suited to the season. “Don’t be afraid to play with different textures, colours and patterns to create a style that reflects your personality,” the designer adds.

Transform Your Tabletop

From Mother’s Day to Easter, this season brings forth many an opportunity to celebrate, and with it plenty of excuses to exercise your tablescaping expertise. Let your centrepieces do the talking, with a subtle transition from winter to spring. “One idea is to create a stunning floral installation using twigs and flowers gathered from outside,” the designer explains. “This not only brings a cheerful and uplifting atmosphere to the entire house but also serves as a delightful conversation starter.” You could also create simple flower arrangements using seasonal blooms, and intersperse moss and bark for rustic additions. “Introduce candles, terracotta vases, colourful glassware and porcelain,” Irene adds. “This combination of different colours and textures creates a visually appealing table.”

Seek Serenity in Nature

As the natural world kicks into gear, why not emulate its revival through your interiors? Nothing says spring quite like a vase of fresh daffodils or tulips. “Adding houseplants and flowers can bring a breath of fresh air and a touch of nature into your space,” says Irene. “Not only do they add a pop of vibrant greenery, but they can also improve air quality and create a calming and relaxing atmosphere.” If you’re not naturally green fingered, faux alternatives offer the appeal of the real deal without the maintenance – introduce a faux potted plant or a new bouquet of faux buds to a forgotten corner, and watch your space bloom.