Define a sitting room’s aesthetic with a sofa; from elegant classical shapes to relaxed, contemporary styles, all of our luxurious upholstered designs are made by skilled craftsmen and built to last. We also offer a Tailored by OKA service for handmade to order sofas so that you can find your perfect match.


Hughes sofa


With her angular form and low, deep seat, the Hughes sits between classic and contemporary.

Available in four sizes and as an armchair.

Wickham sofa


The Wickham is your steadfast friend; dependable, comfortable, classic.

Available in four sizes and as an armchair.

Beale sofa


The Beale is quite the chameleon owing to its ability to pull off every cut, shade and fabric imaginable.

Available in two sizes and as an armchair and loveseat.

Highmore sofa


A true classic, the Highmore is the perfect blend of timeless style and comfort.

Available in two sizes and as an armchair.

Barrett sofa


One of our most contemporary seating designs, the Barrett celebrates clean lines and structured style.

Available in four sizes and as an armchair.

Radcliffe sofa


Clean lines, flared arms and tapered legs make the Radcliffe a minimalist's dream.

Available in two sizes.

Cecil sofa


Cecil holds all the understated glamour and allure of traditional Chesterfield sofas.

Available in four sizes.

Egerton sofa


With our elegant Egerton, contemporary design can be tailored to fit all kinds of homes.

Available in two sizes and as an armchair and loveseat.


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Let us fuel your imagination with our helpful guides, packed full of tips and tricks, inspiration and insider information. Choosing furniture is a fun process, but we know it’s not always simple, so we’ve tried to make it easier for you. When choosing larger items for your home, you can’t buy on a whim like you might with smaller accessories. Measuring up the space and the piece itself is of the utmost importance – our interior design experts and friends of OKA have delved into the details that will help you to get it just right. From comfort to size, material to practicality, we can help you make the “right” choice every time – whether that’s ensuring that your sofa sits snugly in the nook you’ve got waiting for it or calculating how many dining chairs you’ll be able to fit around your table. By reading these useful guides, you can avoid getting overwhelmed by all the details.