Cushion Arranger
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Cushion arranger

Scroll down to view our cushions and add them to your sofa


Filter to sort by colour or pattern, then click your favourite cushions to place them on the sofa, and move, rotate or add more to find the perfect arrangement.

To use our cushion arranger, please turn your device landscape.


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With over 200 pillows to choose from, half the fun is creating your own combinations. Our brilliant pillow arranging tool helps you to find the perfect pillow combination for your sofa. Simply sort by your favourite colour, material or pattern, then mix and match on our virtual sofa to your heart’s content. The possibilities are endless - why not give it a whirl?

Stuck for ideas or overwhelmed by our selection of pillows? We’ve lots of pillow arranging advice over on the OKA blog - from the six essential tips to remember, to how to add colour to any room with pillows, to finding out what your pillow fluffing technique says about you.