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Emily Todhunter Cushion Combinations
Emily Todhunter Cushion Combinations

Emily Todhunter Cushion Combinations

A new set of pillows is the quickest way to welcome the new season, but with over 200 different designs to choose from, it can be tricky to decide. We were delighted when renowned designer Emily Todhunter agreed to create a series of pillow arrangements using OKA pillow covers. The interior designer and founder of Todhunter Earle has worked on projects across the globe - from English country houses to well-known restaurants, ocean-going yachts, nightclubs, five-star hotels, ski chalets and beautiful homes worldwide.

If you fancy having a go at arranging pillows yourself, why not play around with our handy online pillow arranging tool?

Pretty in Pink

“Perfect for any room with plants or garden views. This is a joyful combination that will instantly lift a room.”

Traditionally Tribal

“A more wintery feel, this grouping of pillows creates a warm and cosy environment, great for a sitting room or library.”

Going Grey

“Reminiscent of Nimbostratus clouds. The colours used in this selection may be muted enough to fit into almost any scheme but the patterns add a level of sophisticated fun.”

Blue Sky Thinking

“This combination of sea blue/green colours creates a relaxed, easy-going feel. It would be ideal for a room which gets doused in sunlight.”