When once a wedding registry offered the opportunity to furnish a first home, today’s modern couples typically have all the essentials they need to kick-start their married life. For guests seeking a congratulatory gift, this can present something of a conundrum—what to buy the happy couple when they already have all the cookware they need? Whether you’re looking for the best wedding gift ideas for the couple starting a new home together, or suggestions for an existing space they've already settled into, let this expert guide be of assistance. We turned to our Co-Founder and Creative Director Sue Jones for her advice on choosing the perfect wedding gift. Confetti at the ready.

Think About the Key Pieces Every Home Needs

If the betrothed live together, chances are they already have their core furniture in place—but that doesn’t mean you should be deterred from gifting homeware. Instead, look for thoughtful wedding gifts to make their house a home, such as décor that will add personality. “If you’ve got the basics—things like a sofa, dining table and chairs—then you can start to build up on non-essential pieces, the ones that add character,” says Sue. ‘I’ve always felt that a wonderful rug, which one can live without, is what can kick off your decorative style; you can draw on its colors and patterns.”

A London townhouse sitting room with a modern, monochrome design
The corner of a wooden and glass coffee table, with a textured patterned rug below

Consider Both Halves of the Couple

Wedding gifts for couples can be tricky; you have to keep in mind that your wedding gift is intended for both parties, not just the person you’re closest too. If you’re looking for wedding gifts for couples starting a new life together, then this is especially important, as both people will be living with your gift of choice every day. Newlyweds with wildly different styles will always have to compromise when it comes to interiors, says Sue: "Everyone has pieces that are special to them that their other half can’t stand. The key is to be tactful: try and revamp them to make them relevant to your life." If you’re not sure what gift will suit both parties, consider buying something useful rather than decorative to avoid a clash of styles—practical kitchen essentials or luxurious bed and bath gifts are great options, as they can be used and enjoyed without infringing on rest of the space.

Choose Something Timeless

For a couple committing their lives to one another, there’s no better present than one that will stand the test of time. China and crystal glassware can be added to over the years and, if bought with careful consideration, passed down through generations, making for the perfect, thoughtful gifts for newlyweds moving into a new home. “I love to give presents that feel complete, even if they’re small, so a set is always one of my first choices,” says Sue. “Our Isphahan and Kraak China Collections and Round and Square-Based Crystal Glasses are some of my personal favorites; they’re something to build on and complement all kinds of interiors.”

Textured candle holders and ornaments resting on two books
A summery table setting with featuring colourful glassware with neutral crockery and cutlery

Stick to the List

If you’re lucky, your engaged friends will do the hard work for you and supply a wedding list featuring the pieces they would most like to receive. “I thoroughly approve of wedding lists,” says Sue. “There’s nothing better than giving someone what they really want.” Our advice for shopping a registry? Order your present quickly before the rest of the wedding party pinches the good gifts—otherwise you may find yourself stuck with the most expensive or obscure item on the list.

Don’t feel you have to spend a fortune

Weddings are expensive for everybody involved, including the guests. A new outfit, a hotel for the night, drinks at the reception and a gift too—it all adds up. The good news is you don’t have to break the bank to find unique wedding gifts for the home. “Good interior design doesn’t have to be about brand and price,” says Sue. “To know when to spend money and when not to comes from confidence.” If you’re stuck for wedding gift ideas, look for something simple and classic; tableware, glassware and ornaments are affordable yet thoughtful presents that will be treasured forever—and what better way to celebrate a marriage than with a gift that will last a lifetime?