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Master Bedrooms
Master Bedrooms

Master Bedrooms

Here are eight bedroom design ideas - including examples of modern schemes and formal affairs – to help you create a relaxing space and decide if you want to coordinate or mix and match bedroom furniture. After all, it’s important to get your bedroom décor spot on to ensure a pleasant slumber. Essential bedroom decoration includes luxuriously soft bedding and ambient lighting for a boudoir you can’t wait to retreat to after dark.

La Dolce Vita

Master Bedrooms - La Dolce Vita

Simple and stripped back furniture has been chosen to complement the bold wallpaper. 1950s-style Formica panelling and parquet flooring work well with an art-deco inspired cabinet and a modern acrylic console table. The room basks in sunlight and surrealism, found in the repetition of Annabel’s ogee print, the hints of red and a few elements which seem randomly drawn.

Off The Beaten Track

Master Bedrooms - Off The Beaten Track

The minute you step into this bedroom, you will want to clamber into the bed for a nice long nap. It’s incredibly tranquil, courtesy of its subdued grey, celadon and pale blue colour scheme. Several sets of drawers and a beautiful lamp carved from wood tie in with the beams and stripped back floor whilst a pretty bunch of pink faux flowers look as if they have been plucked straight from the surrounding gardens.


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This pretty seashore-themed master bedroom isn’t short on storage. There’s a good-sized chest of drawers, a ‘tall boy’ and a smart pair of bedside tables. The neutral bedding and off-white slatted walls make an excellent blank canvas, cushions that match the dining room rug dress the comfortable double bed and a set of 18th century-style seashell prints add another layer of detail.

Riverside Residence

Master Bedrooms - Riverside Residence

The apartment by the Thames boasts a beautiful red and white bedroom, which has been decorated with lots of traditional and modern features. Lucinda is conscious that inner-city apartments can often be tight in space, so for her Riverside Residence she has provided the room with plenty of storage in the form of rattan baskets, cabinets and side tables.

The Dark Side

Master Bedrooms - The Dark Side

This light coloured bedroom is a stark contrast to the dark and mysterious tone of the rest of the townhouse. Sue has designed the bedroom with the view that it was to be comfortable whilst echoing opulence and elegance. Predominantly, the room is white, but gold and wood accents are placed in the room for detail without detracting from the tranquil setting.

Highland Fling

Master Bedrooms - Highland Fling

Appropriating the Scottish theme in a brighter setting, this bedroom is the perfect place to relax in after a day exploring. Annabel’s ‘Highland Fling’ features Celtic accessories which adorn the walls, mirrors and desk. Bold shades of blue and red are incorporated into the look through a tartan headboard, traditional rug and luxurious bed throws.

Sea House

Master Bedrooms - Sea House

Sue wanted the bedroom to be elegant but understated. She only used minimal furniture but made sure it was dramatic. The stunning studded four poster bed contrasted with dark wooden bedside furniture make a bold statement in the room, whilst the vibrant patterned cushions and lampshades add a fun summery twist.

Feng Sue

Master Bedrooms - Feng Sue

The master bedroom ramps up the drama with a four poster bed swathed in gold silk taking centre stage. Dark ‘shagreen’ walls and a polished black wooden floor are essential for creating maximum impact against the gold accents. A selection of rich textures - faux fur and velvet for depth, faux shagreen for the detail - completes the look of comfort and luxury.

Master Bedrooms - Feng Sue