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An Expert’s Guide to Lighting

Bring an inviting glow to your home with these room-by-room tips from one of our interior designers.

  1. An arty photograph of two large clear wine glasses and two small clear wine glasses with a red rim, arranged on a wooden table set for dinner.

    A Guide to the Different Types of Wine Glasses

    Much more than simply an aesthetic consideration, the right glass can make or break your drink. Ensure your favorite tipple is always enjoyed with our useful guide.

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  2. A summery sitting room with ochre walls, a linen sofa, green pillows and nature-inspired accents.

    Sunny Shades Sing in a Hampshire Haven

    Discover how to create your very own summery country retreat as demonstrated in this delightful Hampshire manor house.

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  3. A double bed with a striped headboard with a cream throw and an orange stripe pillow. A dark wooden bedside table beside.

    The Best British Hideaways for a Romantic Escape

    From Aller Dorset to Wilderness Reserve’s newest addition, discover five of the best UK hotels and rentals for a country getaway.

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  4. An off-white 3-seater sofa against a pale pink wall featuring fruit wall art. The sofa sits on top of a multicoloured patterned rug.

    Tailored to Perfection

    The sofa is one of the most integral pieces in every home, so why wouldn’t you want to create one that is made just for yours?

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  5. An outdoor furniture set sits in front of a stone-colored country house

    A Landscape Designer's Guide to the Perfect Garden

    Alasdair Cameron, founder of British landscape design company Cameron, shares his essential tips for creating an outdoor space.

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  6. A coastal apartment in Greece with two deck chairs looking out over the sea.

    A Travel Guide to Greece’s Hidden Gems

    Forget honeymoon hotspots and buzzing beach clubs—the best of Greece’s islands and coastline is found beyond the well-trodden path, says travel writer Kate Lough.

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  7. A wooden desk and chair sitting against an exposed brick wall.

    Emma Diaz on How to Use Color in Your Home

    The color consultant shares her expert tips, from decorating with primary hues to the science behind different shades.

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  8. Sue Jones wears a green blazer, white shirt and denim jeans. She is sitting on a window bench, looking out at the window. A book is open in front of her.

    Tales of OKA with Sue Jones

    We come home to meet with our co-founder and creative director, discovering the origins of the brand we know and love today.

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  9. Camilla Clark is wearing a black and white polka dot dress, sitting on the arm of a natural colored accent chair with her legs crossed.

    British Design Studio Albion Nord on Embracing Biophilic Interiors

    Reap the aesthetic and wellbeing rewards of bringing the outside in with advice from their Creative Director, Camilla Clarke.

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