OKA Correspondent

OKA Correspondent
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  1. The Ultimate Bed Buying Guide

    The Ultimate Bed Buying Guide

    There are many variables involved in creating the ideal bedroom, but the most important element is the bed itself. Our helpful guide explains all you need to know.

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  2. A vase with a large bouquet of faux blue and white flowers on top of a table.

    Expert Tips for Arranging Faux Flowers

    Watch our step-by-step video guide to learn how to create beautiful floral displays for your home.

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  3. A dining room with a brown wooden dining table, red chairs and vases

    Tailored by OKA, in Action

    Handed an invitation to individuality, three return customers (some, well known-faces) each put their spin on a Tailored by OKA sofa.

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  4. A double bed with a striped headboard with a cream throw and an orange stripe pillow. A dark wooden bedside table beside.

    The Best British Hideaways for a Romantic Escape

    From Aller Dorset to Wilderness Reserve’s newest addition, discover five of the best UK hotels and rentals for a country getaway.

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  5. Vincent Darré X OKA

    Vincent Darré X OKA

    Catch a glimpse of our latest collaboration with the Parisian designer.

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  6. Rattan armed chair at a black desk

    How to create your dream home office

    If your home is also your office, make sure you include these essential elements in your work space to encourage creativity and inspire productivity.

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  7. Behind the look: Nomad's Land

    Behind the look: Nomad's Land

    City life and Greek isles-inspired design are an unusual pairing, but one that works like a charm in this incredibly bright and airy London dwelling.

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  8. Behind the look: Better Together

    Behind the look: Better Together

    Sometimes the tension between opposites makes for a classic pairing: sweet and salty, spots and stripes, black and white…

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  9. Five effortless updates to prepare your home for fall

    Five effortless updates to prepare your home for fall

    From tactile materials to faux foliage and ambient lighting, let autumn into your home with these simple seasonal switches.

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