Buying Guides

Whether you're looking to elevate your sitting room, dining room, bedroom, or bathroom, we have the furniture and homeware to complement your style and transform your space into a haven of beauty, comfort and creativity. 

Start with the ambience: good lighting is essential if you are looking to set the right mood in your home. The perfect lamp shade can set an entire room apart, not just the lamp it stands on. Don’t forget guidance on those big purchases that form the building blocks of your space, such as your dining table and sofa.  Beyond your interiors, we offer a full outdoor collection featuring our favorite outdoor tables, seating as well as outdoor décor.

We offer a wide range of homeware and unique furnishings, which is why we’ve created a series of advice-packed buying guides to help you find the perfect pieces for you and elevate your home.

  1. A gold mirror hangs on the wall, above a wooden dresser decorated with a white lamp.

    How to Use Mirrors to Transform your Home

    Far from simply being a practical object, a mirror is a transformative piece that can instantly make your space feel bigger and brighter.

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  2. The Palayam Upholstered Ottoman

    Our Buying Guide for Ottomans and Footstools

    Come to grips with these two sitting room staples as we delve into the detail, covering size, shape and style.

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  3. The Kaishu Side Table

    Our Guide to Buying the Perfect Side Table

    Find the right design for your space with our practical tips on everything from size to shape.


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  4. The Alexey Coffee Table - Weathered Oak

    Our Coffee Table Buying Guide

    Discover our tips on everything from the perfect size to selecting the best material and style for your living space.

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  5. White, wooden bar-stools in a bright and airy kitchen

    Our Bar Stool and Counter Stool Buying Guide

    From height differences to practical considerations, this is everything you need to know about bar and counter stools.

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  6. A lifestyle photograph of a dining room with a wooden dining table, orange chairs, vases, a low-hanging pendant lampshade and a wooden dresser in the background

    Choosing the Best Dining Table Shape for your Room

    Wondering which dining table shape is best suited for your room? Whether you have a small space or larger space, our guide explains it all.

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  7. An arty photograph of two large clear wine glasses and two small clear wine glasses with a red rim, arranged on a wooden table set for dinner.

    A Guide to the Different Types of Wine Glasses

    Much more than simply an aesthetic consideration, the right glass can make or break your drink. Ensure your favorite tipple is always enjoyed with our useful guide.

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  8. Sue’s Guide to Buying the Right Wall Art for Your Home

    Sue’s Guide to Buying the Right Wall Art for Your Home

    Discover our co-founder's best tips on getting prints and pictures just right.

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  9. The Nightstand Guide: Tips for Finding Your Perfect Match

    The Nightstand Guide: Tips for Finding Your Perfect Match

    From the height of your mattress to the layout of the bedroom, discover key points for nightstand shopping.

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