Emily Sims

Emily Sims
Product and Marketing Copywriter
  1. A dining table set up in a light and airy room with artwork on the walls.

    Get the Look: Calm and Collected

    Create a relaxing atmosphere inside and outside your home with a tonal colour palette, geometric pattern and thoughtful furniture choices. 

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  2. A cream sitting room with a spruce green velvet armchair and colorful artwork.

    Get the Look: English Elegance

    Add a dash of whimsy to your interiors with tips from our spring-inspired look, full of British nostalgia and charm.

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  3. A teacup on a Rander stool surrounded by plants.

    How to Infuse Dopamine Décor into Your Home

    Gift yourself a happy home by suffusing your space with colors, patterns and textures that make you smile.  

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  4. A yellow dining room with plants on the table.

    How to Bring the Outside In

    From green hues and leafy patterns to natural materials and hybrid furniture, incorporate biophilic design into your home to connect to nature.

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  5. A green velvet sofa in an urban style, botanically inspired sitting room.

    Get the Look: Comfort in Color

    Be bold with your color and homeware choices and follow the lead of our latest look, a botanically inspired space full of earthy hues, and charcoal accents and space-saving furniture.

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  6. A decorated dining table in a festive kitchen.

    How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Your Way

    There are so many ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Why not try something new? For ideas on how to party—or unwind—take a look at our helpful guide. 

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  7. A dominoes gift set on a green tray.

    How to Host the Ultimate Game Night

    Read our rules on how to set up the ultimate game night for family and friends in this comprehensive guide.

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  8. How to decorate your table for halloween

    How to Decorate Your Table for Halloween

    Get creative with your table decorations for Halloween, using the seasonal colors of orange, purple and green.

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  9. A cozy sitting room with a sofa dressed in lots of pillows in front of feature wall art.

    Get the Look: Considered Elegance

    Take inspiration from our latest look to achieve understated but carefully curated elegance in your interiors.

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