Pulcinella Glassware

Bring some fun to your dining table with our Pulcinella glassware range. Made of grey or white coloured glass and sold in sets of four, each glass features a different, playful pattern: zigzags, spots, stripes and diamonds.

  1. Set of Four Pulcinella Champagne Glasses - White
    Now £57 Was £95
  2. Pulcinella Short Tumblers, Set of Four - White
  3. Pulcinella Tall Tumblers, Set of Four - White
    Now £51 Was £85
  4. Pulcinella Cocktail Glass, Set of 4 - White
    Now £57 Was £95
  5. Pulcinella Small Wine Glasses, Set of Four - White
  6. Pulcinella Large Wine Glasses, Set of Four- White
  7. Set of Four Round Pulcinella Tumblers - White

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