Bookcases & Bookshelves

Whether it’s a wall-to-wall library of your favourite novels or a single statement stack showcasing a curated display of meaningful objects, use our bookshelves to add instant personality to a room.

  1. Turnus Bookcase - Weathered Oak
  2. Minshan Bookcase
  3. Large Montfort Shelves - Burnt Oak
    Now £750 Was £940
  4. Versailles Ashmolean Bookshelves - Antique Bronze
  5. Ashmolean Shelves, Narrow - Flax
    Now £907 Was £1,295
  6. Ashmolean Shelves, Narrow - Silver Birch
  7. Ashmolean Classic Wooden Bookshelves, Tall - Flax
  8. Ashmolean Shelves, Tall - Silver Birch
  9. Low Perilune Shelves - Silver Birch
  10. Ashmolean Classic Wooden Bookshelves, Low - Natural
  11. Ashmolean Shelves, Low - Silver Birch

OKA Bookcases

Instantly create wall-to-wall shelving with our range of wooden bookcases. Choose from bookcases handcrafted from natural rustic wood, or opt for shelves from our mirrored Versailles range for a shimmering finish that will wow visitors. Our modular shelving units combine easily to create a bespoke solution for all your needs, and our beautiful bookcases pair perfectly with our range of storage solutions so you can create a coordinated or mix-and-match look to suit your home's aesthetic.

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