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At heart, all furniture is functional, but our insistence on the highest-quality materials, unique designs and expert craftsmanship allows you to curate a beautiful home that’s ready to be enjoyed at every moment. Consider your dining, relaxing, storing and displaying needs taken care of.

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The Sofa Buying Guide

Not sure which type is best for you? From measuring to comparing style, upholstery and color options, our guide will help you with the information you need to make a considered purchase.


Whether you’re hoping to give your entryway an inviting spruce-up or to create a comfortable and functional study, find what you’re looking for with our conveniently curated collections for every room in the house.


Fabric Upholstery Furniture Care

Not sure whether your items will fit? To ensure the pieces you pick will sit perfectly in your home, take a look at our guide for measuring new furniture.

Furniture ideas

Which dining chair should you choose for your formal dinner parties? How large a dining table do you need? Choosing furniture is a fun process, but we know it’s not always simple, so we’ve tried to make it easier. Our interior design experts have delved into the nitty gritty details that will help you get it right. From ensuring your sofa sits snugly in the nook you’ve got waiting for it to calculating how many dining chairs you’ll be able to fit around your dining table, you’ll avoid getting overwhelmed by the details. Here’s a bit of what you can expect: In our sofa buying guide, discover how to plan out your sitting room to accommodate a piece that’s the perfect size. Then, find out what other considerations should go into your decision, from the height of the back rest to the shape of the arms.

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