Table Lamps

Table lamps lend a soft atmosphere to a room when lit, as well as being decorative objects. Explore our collection of designer table lamps, which includes ceramic, metal, carved wood and coloured glass lamp-base designs.

Explore Designer Table Lamps

Bright and bold or neutral and understated? Classically inspired or a little off-the-wall? Slim and tall table lamps, or small table lamps, rounded and curvaceous? These are just a few of the questions you might ask yourself while exploring our designer table lamp collection, inspired by everything from nature to art. The right lamp makes all the difference at home - a small table lamp in the sitting room can help create the right atmosphere for cozy nights at home. Or just imagine spending hours reading in your bedroom by the glow of a warm bedside table lamp. If you can’t make up your mind, our guide to choosing the right size lamp for your side tables might be just the thing you need. And when you’re happy with your choice, look to our lampshades to complete the look. Take a peek below for a few of our tips.

Luxury Table Lamps for Every Room

We have eclectic and expertly crafted styles for every corner of the house – all you need is a table, countertop, desk or console on which to place your favourites. Looking for a colourful, bold base for your bedroom lamps? We have plenty. If you’re drawn to muted neutrals, there are lots of options, from cream ceramics to grey and white marble-effect glass table lamps. We also have classic metal folding designs and column lamps that would be right at home in a library or study. For those who like to walk on the wild side, one of our animal-inspired pieces works like a charm.

How to Choose a Table Lamp

Picking the perfect lamp for your home and personal style is simple, but there are a few considerations to be aware of. First, what purpose will it serve? If you’ll be using it as a reading light, choose a bedside table lamp, something small but bright enough to light the pages. To illuminate a sitting room with a warmer glow than your overhead light fixture, pick one that will look good next to your favourite armchair. To create a welcoming atmosphere in your hallway, consider the amount of surface space you have and which decorative objects your table lamp might sit next to. If you have your eye on a pretty patterned lampshade, consider which colours will work well paired with it.

Where to Place Your Table Lamps

Where can you best use one of our striking designer table lamps? The answer: anywhere there’s a surface that could use a little illumination. If you’re particularly interested in table lamps for the living room, a sofa side table is the perfect perch, though a console table, sideboard or built-in bookshelf can be a happy home for multiple table lamps. If you have more surface space to work with, try pairing two matching designs or mix and match to your heart’s content. In the bedroom, tall and small table lamps alike will work, depending on the size of your nightstand. Sitting next to you, bedside table lamps are the perfect companions to an evening read and cup of tea.