Modern Calligraphy Workshop at OKA Knutsford

When: Friday 8th March 2024

Where: OKA Knutsford

We’re excited to have partnered with Mellor & Rose to bring a modern calligraphy workshop to OKA Knutsford suitable for complete beginners and intermediates (if you’ve picked up a dip pen before). You’ll work through the core fundamentals of Modern Calligraphy including how to hold the dip pen, pressure strokes and rhythms that give calligraphy its characteristic contrasting strokes before moving onto learning the upper and lower case alphabet, how to link letters, first words and phrases. You’ll also learn how to draw decorative illustrations and flourishes. The second half of the workshop covers how to layout stationery such as greeting cards and gift tags whilst learning to letter up and design a piece of wall art!