Rugs & Runners

Set a room’s tone with a rug; we work with skilled artisans to create rugs in all shapes and sizes, from cotton dhurries and thick hand-knotted wool rugs to intricately embroidered heirloom pieces.

OKA Rugs

Drawing inspiration from various cultures worldwide, our exquisite assortment of opulent rugs embodies their distinct allure. Reflecting the influences of ancient Persia, Turkey, India, and more, we offer an array of rugs to complement any interior. Rugs possess the power to elevate a room, with traditional variants setting the tone for the entire space, while vibrant and patterned designs tastefully incorporate elements of the dominant decor and colour scheme. Our collection boasts an extensive range, encompassing cotton dhurries, plush wool-pile rugs, and an assortment of unique designs, allowing you to select from stripes, traditional motifs, and contemporary patterns, thereby imparting the perfect finishing touch to any room. Need inspiration? Check out our tips on selecting a rug to suit your lifestyle and consider what other soft furnishings you’ll pair with your rug for a beautifully coordinated look.