Floor Lamps

Floor lamps offer plenty of ambient light, but can also be used as task lighting; their slim shape means they can be tucked beside an armchair or sofa to throw out the perfect light for reading.

OKA Floor Lamps

The dark corners of a room can often be forgotten when it comes to styling. An easy way to ensure that every inch of your space looks good is by using floor lamps – plus, they have the added benefit of creating a warmer atmosphere than overhead light fixtures allow. If you’re short on space, our narrow-based metal floor lamps, in finishes from grey to gold, take up little real estate, while our tripod-style design is sure to catch everyone’s attention. The best floor lamp shades tend to be the large drum variety as they provide an especially impactful look, but the sky is the limit when it comes to choices.

Designer floor lamps for your home

Due to their greater height, standing lamps can pack a lot of style into a small footprint. There are frames modeled on palm trees, Corinthian columns and stalks of bamboo. Then there are designs that cater to those with slightly more contemporary tastes – for them, a slender gold-colored tripod floor lamp is just the thing. Alternatively, a style with a dark bronze hammered finish will bring a bit of Victorian drama to a room. Whichever you choose, it will add plenty of soft ambient light to your space and make a sleek statement. Don’t forget to match it with a striking shade, whether plain in classic cream or patterned and full of colour.

How to choose a floor lamp

Think about what you want from your floor lamp – would you like it to make a statement, or to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your furniture and accessories? Will you be using it in the sitting room to read by on dark evenings, or do you simply want it to provide ambience? Importantly, you should also consider the scale of the room in which you’ll be using it – do you have unlimited height and floor space, or do you need something on the smaller side? Before you make any decisions, measure your room to see what will actually fit in the allotted space.

Where should I put my floor lamp?

Thanks to their narrower profiles, floor lamps can fit almost anywhere, but where are they most useful and attractive? A classic choice is to place one on either end of a sofa or in the corner behind an armchair, within easy reach for when you’re lounging. They’re equally at home, however, in a spacious foyer or hallway – here, feel free to choose a large piece. If you have a smaller apartment which you enter via a long corridor, a floor lamp can work ambient wonders next to a storage bench or a narrow console table. Plus, placed here it will provide a warmer welcome. Lastly you might not think the bathroom is the place for a floor lamp, but if you have the square footage, it can provide a striking look and add an air of luxury.