1. Curating Space

    An interior designer’s guide to curating your space

    How to accessorise your home, from minimalist coffee tablescapes to maximalist gallery walls.

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  2. A Guide To Measuring Up For New Furniture

    A Guide To Measuring Up For New Furniture

    From doorways to dining tables, make the most out of your living space layout with these simple tips and tricks.

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  3. Choosing the best dining table shape for your room

    Choosing the best dining table shape for your room

    Wondering which dining table shape is best suited for your room? Whether you have a small space or larger space, our guide explains it all.

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  4. How to measure a lampshade

    How to measure a lampshade

    With some simple maths and rules of thumb, finding the perfect shade for your lamp base is a breeze.

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  5. Top design tips for mirrors

    Top design tips for mirrors

    Far from simply being a practical object, a mirror can transform your space, resolving any interiors dilemma in an instant.

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  6. Sofa buying guide

    Sofa buying guide

    Not sure what type of sofa to buy? Our guide is here with all the information you need.

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  7. Rattan armed chair at a black desk

    How to create your dream home office

    Out of office but working from home? Follow these inspired design ideas to achieve that much-coveted work-life balance.

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  8. A country house bedroom

    Find the right size lamp for your bedside table

    With so many different lamps and lamp sizes to choose from, getting the perfect fit for your bedside table can be a challenge. OKA answers key questions to help you pick a table lamp that is both stylish and the right size for your space.

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  9. Country house dining table and chairs

    Guide to choosing a dining chair

    Wooden, upholstered or loose-covered: discover the best types of dining chairs to place at your table and tips for styling them in every scheme.

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