Drum Lamp Shades

Named for their distinct shape, rectangular lamp shades bring a sleek and modern look to your lighting. These shades are versatile, pairing well with both narrow and wide lamp bases. Available in a variety of materials such as linen and silk, our collection includes both simple and patterned designs for a sophisticated touch.

OKA Drum Shades

We have a drum shade for every lamp. For a clean, modern look, choose one in plain white cotton or natural linen; if you enjoy mixing styles, pleated silk shades that combine classic and contemporary elements could be your best option; if your lamp has a neutral glaze, use a vibrant shade to bring in colour. Our lamps and shades are sold separately so that you can personalise your lighting. Our drum shades usually range from 25 to 55 centimetres in diameter. Not sure what size to go for? Have a look at our guide to choosing the perfect shade.