Trays & Carriers

Cut down on your back-and-forth trips to the kitchen with a useful tray that is handy for transporting multiple items at once – not to mention a stylish addition to a coffee table with the bonus of keeping things tidy.

  1. Talasa Tray - Chinese Red
  2. Shyrdak Wood Tray – Charcoal
  3. Jiande Tray - Black
    Now £105 Was £175
  4. Faux Shagreen Oval Plateau - Taupe
  5. Large Faux Shagreen Serving Tray - Onyx
  6. Rattan Bottle & Glass Carrier - Brown
  7. Deep Rattan Serving Tray - Brown
  8. Set of Three Rattan Nested Serving Trays - Brown

OKA Serving Trays

Why make several trips when you make one? An OKA tray or set of trays may be the most useful purchase you make all year. They’re not only great for transporting crockery and serveware, but also for storing items on coffee tables and other surfaces. So whether it is a serving tray or a decorative tray that you’re after, explore our collection from faux shagreen to mirrored glass to find your perfect option.


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