Caring for beds and mattresses

All OKA beds are made from a combination of different woods - including kiln-dried solid hardwoods - and high-quality fabrics. Each item of furniture is hand-finished and uses traditional bed/mattress making techniques to ensure strength and longevity

General maintenance instructions

To help prolong the life of your beds and mattresses, we advise the following:



- Never use detergents or chemical cleaners on the fabric as this can cause staining, bleaching and damage to the material and filling.

- Drawer loads should not exceed 15kg as this may restrict use and cause damage.

- We strongly recommend that you prevent liquid coming into contact with the mattress or divan surface and filling, as this can cause damage.

- A mattress protector offers additional protection.

- Initially, to help your mattress settle, we would encourage the rotation/turning of the mattress weekly wherever possible for the first two to three months, and then monthly thereafter.


- It is very important that your mattress is rotated from end to end and turned regularly.

- We recommend you do not fold or roll your mattress or stand on it as this will damage the vital edge support, may buckle or twist the spring unit or cause the tufts to break and fail.

- Avoid using the edge of your mattress or divan as a seat as such localised pressure on the interior may eventually spoil its shape and comfort.

- All mattresses and divans will show evidence of body impression after use. 

- Due to the fire retardant treatment that is applied to the fabric and foam within the product and the mattress being sealed within a bag, there can sometimes be a slight odour on arrival. This will pass after a period of time once unwrapped and in use. We would suggest you leave your new mattress in a well-ventilated room without any mattress protectors or sheets applied for a period of two hours, this will help any odours dissipate before use.