Caring for mirrors

Special features

- Take time to understand any special finishes or characteristics that may be a feature of your mirror.

- Be aware that colours and frame finishes on some mirrors may vary.


- Avoid exposing your mirror to excessive heat, as this can cause cracking.

- A minimum 30cm clearance from heat sources is advised.

- We do not recommend placing/hanging products in excessively high or low temperatures (for example directly above a heat source) or where the environment is often damp.


- It is important to use correct sized secure wall fixings. We recommend using a professional service.

- Do not hang your mirror on damp or recently plastered walls.

- Floor-standing mirrors have wall safety chains supplied to prevent the mirror falling forward. These chains must never be used to hang the mirror on a vertical surface.

Warning information

  • Do not strike the glass with hard or pointed items.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals, detergents or any other substances containing abrasives,
    as these may scratch the glass.


Maintenance and care instructions

To prolong the life of your mirror we advise the following:



- To maintain the appearance of your mirror we recommend regular dusting with a soft cloth.

- Glass or mirrored panels should be cleaned using a water-based glass cleaner and soft cloth, carefully avoiding contact with wooden or painted sections.

- The repeated use of a silicone-containing polish is not recommended as it may lead to a build-up of silicone, forming a layer and altering the appearance of the piece.

- Remove spills immediately using a lightly dampened cloth to avoid damage to glass backing or surface. Water left over a long period of time may cause white spots in the finish.


- Take care to avoid chemicals such as iodine, hair products, shaving creams and lotions, alcohol, perfume, acetone, cosmetics and paint remover. These products may damage the mirror’s finish.

- Take care when moving mirrors. Always use two people to lift a mirror as dragging pieces or carrying single-handed may cause the frame to twist or damage the joints which could crack the glass.

- Dropping mirrors will cause damage.

- If mirrors or vanity mirrors are placed on a table, ensure it is positioned and placed carefully to avoid sliding or breaking.

- If the glass is chipped or broken, the product should be repaired immediately to avoid personal injury and further damage to the piece.