With every new season, we look forward to the inspiration and ideas that it brings forth – changes in light, nature and weather act as springboards for creativity, and it’s these, coupled with our constant calling cards of colour, pattern and comfort, that underpin each of our collections. When it came to designing our latest pieces, our Product Design and Development Director Jessica McAuley sought a number of different inspirations. Texture was key, as was a vibrant palette and plenty of pattern. She also sought to explore new themes, fabrics and materials, while continuing to evolve much-loved favourites in ways that feel fresh and exciting. In this new collection, you’ll find new styles, inventive space savers and a medley of classic and contemporary pieces, as well as fresh twists on some of our most popular designs. Here, the designer shares a few of her heroes for the season ahead.

A travertine side table with a hexagonal top

The Birling Side Table and Seaford Coffee Table

Jessica began the design process for the new collection by creating a series of mood boards, in order to identify key themes and colour palettes that she wanted to emulate through the new designs. Among the focuses for this season were materials, a core element of all of our collections and an area she was keen to expand upon. “Travertine was something I felt was really missing from our collection,” she explains when asked about two of our new season heroes, the Seaford Coffee Table and the Birling Side Table. “We’ve opted for an open grain for these designs, which has lots of natural imperfections; it gives the stone such great character, and means every piece is different.” The Seaford features a simple silhouette, with chunky legs and clean lines that allow the charm of the stone to shine, while the Birling’s hexagonal shape offers a more playful take on the style. “Travertine is naturally quite neutral but it’s also very characterful,” Jessica adds. “I think these pieces will fit well in any home.”

A dining chair with a curved rattan back and upholstered seat

The Panela Range

Rattan has been a mainstay in our collections ever since OKA was founded (the very first catalogue was a selection of rattan pieces) and so it feels only natural that this material would feature in some way this season. You’ll find it in the form of the Panela Range, a dining chair and bar stool with curvaceous back supports that showcase the exquisite craftsmanship that brings these woven designs to life. “The Panela really takes us back to our roots, with beautiful rattan that has been a well-loved part of our collection for many years,” Jessica says. “It’s a handwoven, classic material that makes these designs so timeless. They’re not just functional, they’re beautiful too.”

A green velvet sofa

The Coleridge Range in Spruce

Our Coleridge has been a staple in our sofa and armchair range for many years, finding a fanbase in those who love a more classic style. With gentle rounded arms and a deep seat, it’s a truly elegant design that elevates every room it’s placed in. For our new collection, you’ll find this OKA classic upholstered in Spruce Velvet, the perfect natural tone to inspire a wealth of interiors ideas. “One of my first mood boards that I created for this collection was really focused on green, and the Spruce was where it all began,” Jessica says. “It’s such a gorgeous colour; it’s a bit olivey but not cold – I think it’s a great shade to decorate with.”

A white sideboard decorated with wooden lamps and accessories

The Ingrid Sideboard

With reeded cabinets, bun feet and curved detailing inspired by an antique design, the Ingrid could be seen as quite a traditional piece, but its sleek Chalk colourway brings it firmly into the 21st century. Originally envisioned in a Washed Grey, the final design was a happy accident. “The first sample we received arrived in this beautiful chalky white, and we loved it – it really works,” explains Jessica. “It’s a great blend piece; you could use it in a more traditional room, but it would also work in a contemporary space. We’re so excited about it; it’s been beautifully crafted and the details are gorgeous.” 

A wooden cabinet with glass doors

The Theodora Range

Just like our Melodeon Range, our Theodora pieces are crafted using upcycled wood, which is sourced from the beams, doors, walls and floors of derelict houses in China – some of which are more than 100 years old. For this range, our skilled artisans hand-carved the pillar and roll-top detailing that is characteristic of each piece. “The designs are quite traditional in style, so we decided to add glass doors to make them a little more versatile,” Jessica says. “You can completely change their look depending on what you put in them.”

A large seagrass basket and seagrass bowls decorated with red, yellow and black stripes

The Amun Placemat, Pair of Kaia Woven Bowls and Samudra Basket

As materials were a core focus for the team this season, evolving the brand’s love for rattan was an important element. In the new collection, you’ll find these three handwoven pieces, which have been crafted from seagrass. “It’s a really high quality, finely woven collection that has come out so nicely,” Jessica says of the new designs. “You’ll usually find seagrass in quite neutral tones, but we’ve worked with our artisans to create some lovely colour combinations.” For a slice of sunshine, look to the Amun Placemat, which has beautiful egg yolk yellow centre and detailing around the edges. The Samudra Basket and Pair of Kaia Woven Bowls take an earthier approach, with russet red and black stripes against a neutral background.

A brown leather swivel armchair

The Crosby Swivel Chair

With swivel chairs proving ever popular, Jessica and her team sought to put a new spin on one of our signature designs – and the Crosby was the perfect fit. “The Crosby Armchair has been such a popular product for so many years, and it’s such a classic OKA shape,” the designer says. Together with her team, she elongated the bottom of the original silhouette, and widened it slightly to give it a more casual look. It’s finished with a swivel base in Espresso wood.

A red lamp decorated with a striped raffia lampshade sits on a bar stool

The Bridget Lampshade

We’re always looking for ways to put an OKA spin on interior design, and the Bridget Lampshade is the perfect example. Crafted from raffia, the piece was developed by Jessica and her team, who wanted to give the typically neutral material a more playful (and OKA) twist. “Raffia is such a nice raw material, but we wanted to make it feel a bit more us, with colour and pattern,” she explains. “We tried lots of different stripes, starting first with a more linear design. The end result is a mix of different scales, and we’re so excited with how it looks – it just really works.”