Behind each and every one of our designs is a team of craftspeople whose artisanal prowess brings our visions of beautiful furniture and homeware to life. Working with skilled experts from across the globe has been a mainstay of OKA, ever since the brand was founded more than 20 years ago, and remains at the heart of each of our collections. The result is that each piece we design has a story behind it, and we love sharing how our creations are brought to life in unique and fascinating ways.

Our Recycled Wood Collection is a perfect example; in a story that unites skill and sustainability, these designs are made using pine, oak and elm sourced from derelict homes in China, some of which are more than 100 years old. The properties, which are in disrepair, have a plentiful supply of disused doors, walls, floorboards and beams, which are used to fashion our recycled wood furniture pieces.

A tall wooden cabinet with glass-fronted doors sits in the corner of a dining room. Through the glass you can see blue-and-white patterned crockery.
Two images showing a derelict doorway and planks of wood being restored.

Once the wood has been sourced, the recycling process begins. First, it is kiln dried – 45 days for oak, and 15 days for pine and elm – before being cut, washed and dried again. Once the wood is ready to go, the carpentry team get to work, bringing dining tables, sideboards, cabinets and other furniture pieces to life. The pieces are then dried again before either being hand painted or finished depending on the design.

Thanks to the wood’s heritage and restoration process, each piece is utterly unique, adding to their charm and character. The artisans’ skills are evident in the finished results, with our range spanning mirror-fronted sideboards to classic bureaus and contemporary coffee tables. Our Inigo Sideboard, for example, features a timeless silhouette, mirrored detailing and geometric design that put a stylish spin on the recycled elm and pine that it is made from, providing an eye-catching piece that perfectly blends function and form.

Two images showing derelict homes and reclaimed wood being arranged on a van.
A narrow console table with a curved, decorative stand is decorated with vases, flowers and a book. A gold mirror hangs above it.

This theme is repeated across the collection, though every piece is unique in style and design; take our Briolette Range, for example – comprising a bureau, sideboard and pantry cabinet, the selection is many varied, with an intricate diamond design tying the pieces together. Though solid in shape, our recycled pieces are always highly detailed; you’ll find ornate lattice on our Fortuna Side Table for example, scalloped edging on our Cythera Extendable Dining Table, and a concertina effect on our Melodeon Range.

For our 2024 collection, we’ve introduced two new pieces made from repurposed wood – the Theodora Sideboard and Cabinet feature ornate carving that gives the pieces a traditional feel, while glass-fronted doors lend a contemporary edge, allowing you to hide your favourite tableware in plain sight. “They’re both really stand-out pieces,” says Jessica McAuley, our Product Design and Development Director. “The detail is gorgeous and the colour is so unique. We're really happy to be able to use these materials and showcase their natural beauty.”

A coffee table with a concertina-style edge and a stone top.
Reclaimed wood is loaded onto a van and restored.

We’re committed to reducing our impact on the planet (you can read our latest Sustainability Report here) and we’re thrilled to be able to use reclaimed wood to bring beautiful furniture and homeware to life in a sustainable and planet-friendly way. If you’d like to discover our entire collection of recycled pieces, click the button below.